Consulting, Supervision and Handovers

With experts covering different fields, we can offer comprehensive single-point solutions, addressing e.g., mechanical works, welding, NDT, anti-corrosion coating, bolted joints etc.

Iztok Palčič

Iztok Palčič

Head of department

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We offer supervision where systematical observation of work execution takes place, with verification of mechanical and technology projects, against project documentation and valid regulations. The supervision encompasses:

  • Quality of base and filler material,
  • Quality of joint material,
  • Quality of anti-corrosion coating material,
  • Qualification of welders, welding coordinators, NDT personnel,
  • Welding and assembly logs,
  • Measurement protocols,
  • Weld quality control reports (visual control, non-destructive examination),
  • Inspection of bolted joint,
  • Anti-corrosion coating (thickness measurement, adherence of layers and total thickness),
  • Written confirmation of changes during manufacturing and installation,
  • Declaration of performance,
  • CE marking.

Supervision is delivered in areas of steel structures, pressure equipment, hydro-power equipment, process and pharmaceutical equipment, industrial cranes, bridges, nuclear equipment.


Technical Inspection and Facility Handover

Within technical inspection and facility handover, the completeness of received technical documentation is verified, as well as the facility’s functionality.

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