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Certification of Management systems is a must in almost every company.  The Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 prove the company’s commitment to quality, environment, and safety at work. Some of the advantages of certification are better management transparency, and commitment to improvements, business efficiency and excellence, identification of weak points, and the creation of competitiveness and trust. Not just among business partners, but also establishing public trust.

Q Techna experts actively operate in various areas of certification and bring in extensive experience. Should you be interested in any of the above types of certification, we invite you to contact them and discuss a possible issue. We look forward to receiving your call or meeting you at our premises.

mag. Ambrož Rožman

mag. Ambrož Rožman

+386 7 49 12 419
+386 40 215 267

Tamara Tomše Mavser

Tamara Tomše Mavser

+386 7 49 12 454
+386 51 584 563

Certification Procedure


Certification procedure is clearly defined; every welder shall be familiar with it beforehand.

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