Certification of Factory Production Control for Structural Components (SIST EN 1090-1)

  • Certification of Factory Production Control
    For Structural Components (SIST EN 1090-1)

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Steel structures are becoming ever more widely used. They encompass buildings, production facilities, shelters, balconies, handrails, pillars, beams, racks, siloses and a variety of other structures.

They are subject to pertinent regulatory requirements, both for the design and the production phase. The production and marketing of steel and aluminium structures is regulated by the Regulation on the implementation of Regulation (EU) laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products. Consequently, the requirements of SIST EN1090-2 come into force for steel structures and of SIST EN 1090-3 for aluminium structures.

Steel structures are required to be CE marked, and their manufacturers are required to have their internal production control certified per SIST EN 1090-1.

Q Techna is one of the leading bodies for the internal production control certification pursuant to SIST EN 1090-1, accredited compliant with SIST EN ISO/IEC 17065, and a Notified Body for that scope at the European Commission.

The certification process of internal production control in compliance with SIST EN 1090-1 seems complex and complicated, yet it is manageable without major obstacles if a systematic approach is followed.

Should you be interested in the certification in question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to explain the whole certification process, the preparation of documentation for construction products, and the requirements of applicable standards SIST EN 1090-1, SIST EN 1090-2 for the execution of steel structures, EN 1090-3 and for that of aluminium structures and provide instructions for CE marking.

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Certification Procedure

The certification process for welding procedures is clearly defined; a customer should be acquainted with it beforehand.


All steel and alluminum structures shall be CE marked. The same applies to assemblies.

Certification Body

Internal control of factory production may be certified by a notified body for construction products whose domain is also structural components against SIST EN 1090-1.

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