About the Company

Account No. IBAN (banking code): SI56029800016674363
Nova ljubljanska banka corp. Ljubljana,
Trg republike 2, 1520 Ljubljana

SWIFT code, BIC code: LJBASI2X

Registration No.: 5609984
VAT Identification No.: SI63243849

Legal Register Entry No.: 1/38791/00 (Ljubljana District Court)

Initial Capital: 14.376,00 EUR

The pace of market changes is fast. Challenges imposed by new trends are increasingly demanding, therefore success calls for a clear and appropriately formulated strategy. Yesterday’s quality on the market does not guaranty the perfection of today’s results. The adaptation to the market, and customer orientation is a major advantage of any successful company, and key for sound business.

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be the leading Slovenian company, competitive in Central Europe providing quality assurance and control, education and certification in areas of electric power generation, pharmacy, infrastructure and other demanding facilities.


Our expert knowledge, professionalism and unconditional commitment to quality facilitate the establishment of long-term partnerships and overall fulfillment of needs on the part of customers, the environment, society, staff, suppliers and owners, for the benefit of all.

Statement on Confidentiality and Impartiality

Q Techna company is committed to the protection of its customers gathered data, including personal data and we offer a choice of communication type.

Webformen auf der Seite www.qtechna.si dienen nur die Alternative zu anderen Komunikationskanälen und Kommunikationsunterstüzung. Wir verwenden alle Informationen aus Online-Formularen nur um Ihnen Informationen und Dienstleistungen zur Verfügung stellen können, die Ihren Wünschen entsprechen.

Customers data may be disclosed only to those who work on behalf of Q Techna and our business partner for the purpose of processing customers applications for certification.

Link to document:
Statement on confidentiality and impartiality (PDF)