Certification of Welding Fabricators in Accordance with SIST EN ISO 3834

  • Certification of Welding Fabricators in
    Accordance with SIST EN ISO 3834

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Processes such as fusion welding are broadly used for the fabrication of many products and are key for some manufacturing companies. Such products can range from simple to complex, e.g. pressure vessels, piping, structures, cranes, bridges, transport vehicles, etc. The associated procedures have a significant impact on manufacturing costs and product quality. Consequently, it is important to assure that such procedures are carried out in the most efficient manner and under the appropriate supervision of all manufacturing aspects.

It should be noted that ISO 3834 is not a quality standard that could replace ISO 9001. However, it is a very useful tool for manufacturers who use the ISO 9001, as it compliments it.

To avoid any serious issues with the products, either during fabrication or during exploitation, it is crucial to ensure appropriate control in all phases: design, material selection, fabrication, and final inspection. Inadequate design for welding can imply serious and expensive issues in a workshop, on a construction site, or during operation. The wrong material selection can lead to welding problems, e.g., flaws in welded joints.

Complying with the requirements from the series of EN ISO 3834 standards, an organization establishes and proves the conditions for achieving specific quality of welding works in their facilities. As a holder of the certificate issued by the certification body, the organization demonstrates such ability in its business environment, building up customers’ trust and gaining a competitive advantage. The EN ISO 3834 standard recognizes three certification levels, i.e.:

  • Comprehensive quality requirements – EN ISO 3834 – 2
  • Standard quality requirements – EN ISO 3834 – 3
  • Elementary quality requirements – EN ISO 3834 – 4
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Certification Procedure

The certification process for welding procedures of is clearly defined; a customer should be acquainted with it beforehand.

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