Work Equipment Inspection

Work equipment* shall be inspected prior to its first use, and periodically, as determined by the manufacturer or within the intervals defined through risk assessment, but shall not exceed 36 months.The inspection, operational testing and measurements are performed to check the adequacy of positioning/installation and trouble-free operation of work equipment.

Inspection scope:

  • inspection of the pertinent documentation,
  • inspection and operational testing – visual inspection,
  • measurement of electrical parameters,
  • preparation of inspection and testing reports
  • issuance of certificates.

Periodic inspection is performed by professionals who are suitably trained and authorised.

Q Techna experts are happy to assist you in your efforts to use only safe and trouble-free equipment for daily operations.

*work equipment is any machine, appliance, tool, device and other equipment which is applied at work.

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Domen Senica

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