Pressure Equipment Inspection

Ever since the invention of the steam engine and consequently the industrial revolution, it is hard to think of an industry with no boiler, pressure vessel or pipes. Yet, even minor damage to the pertinent equipment may lead to an accident with serious consequences.

Therefore, in order to protect people and their properties and avoid such complications, centuries ago first rules were laid down, today known as the very first technical legislation.

We are happy to assist you in inspecting your pressure vessels, boilers, pipes, safety equipment, transportable pressure equipment, cylinders, as well as tanks for the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR).

You are welcome to come to our offices or you may simply contact us, and we will do our best to provide good technical advice or help.

Joaquín López López, B.S. in physics, joined our company back in 2009. From the very beginning, he has been part of the pressure equipment Inspection Body, appointed its head in 2015, and holding this position ever since. He takes an active role in the preparation of national regulation governing pressure equipment and within the European group of Notified Bodies for transportable pressure equipment (TPED).

Domen Senica, B.S. E.E., is a deputy head of the Notified Body. The scope of his work includes an authorized inspection of vehicles and tanks for the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR), and also inspection of work equipment.

Joaquín López López

Joaquín López López

Head of department

+386 7 49 12 513
+386 41 995 118

Domen Senica

Domen Senica

Deputy Head

+386 7 49 12 488
+386 40 808 299

A wide range of inspections provided by Q Techna aims at safe operation of pressure equipment. The company is accredited in line with SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020, appropriately authorized, and possesses a long-standing experience.