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In accordance with the standards on the execution of steel and aluminum structures, we certify thermal cutting procedures (CPQR). The latter are used by manufacturers to prove the quality of cut surfaces or edges. Cutting shall be carried out in a way that ensures the fulfillment of requirements for geometrical tolerances, perpendicularity, and angularity, and maximum hardness and smoothness of free edges as specified in the European standards.

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mag. Ambrož Rožman

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Andrej Weiss

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Material and Shape of Test Piece

The recommended shape of the test piece as per SIST EN 1090-2:2018 is illustrated below. The minimum and maximum thicknesses the manufacturer intends to certify are selected.

Material quality of the test piece related to the CPQR is depicted in the table below:
Test piece Material group  from CEN ISO/TR 15608 Range Material groups according to CEN ISO/TR 15608
1 1a, 2b
1.4 1b, 2b
2 1.1, 2b
3 1a, 2b, 3b

a Except for 1.4 and valid for steel with the same or lower determined minimum yield strength

b Valid for steel with same or lower determined minimum yield strength

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