Testing and Inspections

Incorrect manufacture, installation, use or maintenance of a component, such as a steel structure, vehicle parts, and the like may generate high costs, and pose a threat to the environment and human health. To ensure the safety and quality of products, testing, non-destructive examination and inspection are critical.

As a holder of the accreditation SIST EN ISO 17025, and by constantly employing certified professionals in compliance with EN ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A (CP-189), we rank among the top providers servicing the nuclear and thermal power generation industry, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, and rail industry. We also cooperate with foundry industry, shipping companies and port infrastructure.

To assess the quality as well as the conformity of products against standards and the requirements included in technical specifications, we make use of nondestructive examination performed on mechanical components, such as piping, boilers, pressure vessels, final products, castings, etc.

Further, our “Testing and Inspection” department carry out inspections to assess conformity of the finished works against regulatory and project documentation requirements.

Highly qualified experts in our team create solid ground for our company to provide comprehensive solutions in areas of quality control for non-destructive examination, bolted pipe connections, foundry, welding and anti-corrosion protection.

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Iztok Palčič

Iztok Palčič

Head of department

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Marko Andrejaš

Marko Andrejaš

Technical Head, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and Process Industry Services

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Klemen Hlebec

Klemen Hlebec

Technical Head, Conventional Energy and Casting Services

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