Q Techna celebrates 30 years of business. In that time we have become one of the best and largest institutes in the field of quality assurance and quality control in this part of Europe. This is reflected in the results or projects carried out by our team of experts. Also, the fact that we currently employ 50 people shows how we have progressed over time.

From a small local provider, we soon crossed national borders and internationalised our services with our current presence from China, through the Arab world, Europe and the USA. We have a range of accreditations, authorisations and notifications. We are the second largest notified body in Slovenia in terms of the number of notified directives.

It means a lot that you call us frequently for our opinion when you have difficult decisions to make. This shows that we are often the reference institution in this region.

We look back on our journey and proudly congratulate ourselves. 

We would like to thank all our business partners, colleagues, the owner Numip Ltd. and founders Bozena Zorko and Stanislav Zorko.