Training Centre

The Q Techna Training Center has been operating for almost two decades, and its main goal to offer quality training and certification programs remains a constant. The programs reflect the industry needs where the experts are required to undergo additional training for more specific work. Based on practical experience, such programs provide a well-thought-out balance between theoretical knowledge and practical work.

The core program of the Center is related to Non-Destructive Testing. This is an extremely critical area where wrong decisions may lead to significant failure, material damage, and, unfortunately also to tragic consequences for people and the environment. To carry out the work in a competent way, theoretical and practical expertise and skills of the pertinent professionals are therefore key. Throughout the training, the candidates devote substantial time to working with a broad range of samples from several industrial branches, exposing different types of flaws. That is but a prerequisite for acquiring proper knowledge, which is further enhanced during the work.

Another program to choose from is targeted at personnel involved in the assembly of the bolted connections and responds to the needs of their training and certification. We are increasingly faced with the requirement that the assembly personnel working with flanged and pipe bolted connections across different industries, i.e., oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and process industry are to be appropriately trained and certified.

Further, there is a series of one or two-day seminars related to materials, processes, technologies, and quality. The Training Center adapts to specific company needs and is happy to create custom-made contents, usually delivered at their premises.

We are pleased to see your enthusiastic participation in our programs, as well as gain your positive feedback regarding their quality. It is our utmost goal not only to maintain the quality level but to continuously upgrade it.

Domen Ribič

Domen Ribič

Head of Training Center

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