The seminar Basics of Nuclear Technology (BNT)

The training is organized in cooperation with »Nuclear training center of the Institute “Jozef Stefan” which is the leading institution for the area.
Lectures shall be given by experts of long standing experience.

The training briefly addresses the rudimentary information on nuclear physics, radiation protection and technology of nuclear power plants. Familiarity with the topic is essential for anyone directly or indirectly connected to the field of nuclear technology.

It is not such an infrequent case that professional people operating solely in their narrow area, are not familiar with the systems. The seminar is intended for those in particular, with the aim of providing general acquaintance with the topic, rather than studying minute details.

How long does it take?

This program comprises 40 hours of lectures, examination included.

Who is the audience for the seminar?

The seminar Basics of Nuclear Technology is intended for a wide range of participants, such as: engineers, technicians, maintenance technicians, economists related to this area, staff who perform supervision over the area, design engineers, and others.

Nuclear technology which presents part of the training, places the emphasis on the systems of the Nuclear Power Plant Krško, and the main corpus of the lectures revolves around those.

The above mentioned training does not substitute for the more extensive two or nine month trainings of “nuclear technology and systems”. However, it may act as a useful introduction to the area and a stepping stone for those who choose more in-depth knowledge and register for longer courses.