Interoperability of the rail system


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The Rail Trafic Safety Act – ZVZelP, Article 11 and 14 define that each interoperability component and subsystem must be subject to the procedure assessing conformity or suitability for use, pursuant to individual TSIs, and must have the EC-declaration of conformity and suitability for use.

The conformity assessment or suitability for use of a component is given by a notified body, where the producer or his authorized representative registered within the European Union, filed a request.

Based on the inspection of the technical file, EC declaration and certificate of conformity, or suitability for use, a safety authority issues an operating license, and thus gives permission for use of a relevant subsystem or a subsystem part. 

Q Techna d.o.o. is a notified body, bearing a mark NB 2106 in compliance with 2008/57/EC Directive on the Interoperability of the Rail System within the Community, authorized to assess the conformity of interoperability components or their suitability for use, as well as the EC verification of rail subsystems, as follows.

a) Structural areas:

  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Control-command and signaling
  • Rolling stock

b) Functional areas:

  • Operation and traffic Management
  • Maintenance
  • Telematics applications for passenger and freight service

The set of tasks laid down for a notified body comprises several phases: planning, entire production and takeover, before an individual subsystem is placed to service. A notified body also verifies all interfaces which assist the inclusion of interoperability component or subsystem into the existing system, with respect to applicable TSIs and registers of the Railway Transport Act, Article 18.