Frequently asked questions

What is the validity period for welder certification against SIST EN ISO 15614-1?
The period of validity is unlimited, as long as welders do not go beyond a specified length of time without performing that specific type of welding, or by executing welding production test, as required by product standards for pressure vessels and steel structure. However, SIST EN 1090-2 applicable for steel bearing structures imposes restraints on WPQR in dependence on the type of base material.

How long does it take to obtain the certificate?
The certificate is generally issued following the welding of test pieces, or earlier, if so agreed beforehand.

How do we submit the exact requirements for the certification scope?
The certification scope is submitted in the request.

What are the key variables that define the extent of the certificate?
The key variables that define the certificate scope are as follows:

  • Welding procedure;
  • type, thickness and shape of the base material,
  • type of filler material,
  • type of welding joint (butt/fillet),
  • welding position, welding from both sides (bs) (with material backing -(mb)) or single side welding (ss),
  • heat intake.

The range of validity of WPQR is significantly more narrow than that of the welder certification.

Does certification for butt welding cover also fillet welding pursuant to SIST EN ISO 15614-1?
Yes, it does. However, in case of a large number of fillet welds, the customer typically demands a demonstration of fillet welding.

What is the validity period of the certificate against SIST EN ISO 15614-1?
As recorded on the certificate.

How to determine the type of certification and therefore the WPQR range?
A starting point are welds created in the production. Should you need any help, please send us drawings and description of welding procedures, or contact us by phone.

How do we calculate the costs for certification in question?
On the basis of your request you are sent an offer.

How do we submit a request?
You may send/submit it in a number of ways: by mail, e-mail, using online application form downloaded from the front page for the area in question, by phone or in person.

In case you have any further technical or commercial questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail.