Welding of test pieces

Welding is carried out in accordance with the welding procedure specification, prepared by the customer. Q Techna can provide the support you need.

Where does the welding of test pieces take place?
To achieve optimum results we recommend that test pieces are welded on customer's premises under our supervision. Thus welders work in their own environment using their own equipment.
Q Techna professionals will assist you in the preparation of certification tasks for any qualification range to suit your production.

Issuing certificates/WPQR (PQR)
On condition that all standard requirements have been met, the certificate is issued - authorizing the welding procedure WPQR; generally, its period of validity is unlimited. It is reaffirmed by means of constant application, and, if the need be, by welding production tests (compliant with SIST EN 13445-4, requirements AD 2000 HP 2/1, SIST EN 1090-2 and 3,..). Upon certification against ASME Code Section IX, we issue a qualification test report – a draft of PQR, and, based on our recommendations, the company then issues the PQR.